Frequently Asked Questions

1What's the difference between the Deluxe & Premier memberships?
Our Deluxe & Premier Membership options BOTH give you access to the CAMWise redemption Program. The difference is that the Deluxe will give you access to ratings, and cost information for local doctors, prescriptions, hospitals, procedures, etc.; whereas the Premier goes a step further and allows for virtual medicine with NO CO-PAYS! Our Premier members can use video chat to talk to a certified doctor who can prescribe medications right over the phone. They can also obtain a second medical opinion from a world renowned specialist to make sure their current treatment plan is the best course of action.
2How does Healthcare Bluebook work?
Healthcare Bluebook is an online healthcare shopping solution that has helped save their users over $240 Million on healthcare spending in the last 10 years. This member benefit let's you search for the best price and best quality care in your area; putting the power of choice back in the hands of today's healthcare consumers.
3How does HealthiestYou work?
HealthiestYou provides industry changing Telemedicine, insurance connectivity, provider discovery, cost transparency, & prescription savings at your fingertips. Our Standard & Premier members can talk to a certified doctor who can prescribe medications right over the phone and handle about 70% of typical office visits with NO CO-PAYS. This allows our members to access care where they may not otherwise have been able to or avoid paying those co-pays and coinsurance associated with Health Insurance.
4How does Best Doctors work?
Best Doctors connects you to more than 50,000 world-renowned medical experts that can help with everything from minor surgery to major issues like cancer and heart disease. As a result, you’re sure you have the right information, the right diagnosis and the right treatment.
5What is the CAMWise Redemption Program?
The CAMWise Redemption Program helps redirect self-destructive behaviors towards life-improving behaviors; helping to tackle the opioid epidemic currently sweeping our nation. This interactive system loads your recovery tool chest with everything you need to succeed both in life & the quest to leave substance use behind.
6Can I pay my membership annually?
Absolutely & you can even save money! Our Standard Membership paid annually saves $30.40, our Premier Membership paid annually saves $70.40, & our Deluxe Membership paid annually saves $104.40
7Why do members get assigned a CAM Coach & does a strategy session cost anything?
All of our members get assigned a Licensed & Insured coach because having information is one thing, but having assistance with how to implement that knowledge into your life is a totally different story. Your CAM Coach will help with member benefits but most importantly they will schedule as many strategy sessions as necessary to make sure you are on a balanced path of protection and vehicles for the future. Whether your concern is planning towards your retirement, saving for your child's college funding, or simply reviewing your current coverage; your CAM Coach will assist you and it is ALWAYS FREE to members.
8Is the $40 membership fee paid every year?
If your membership is being paid monthly via an auto-draft then it will renew automatically & no additional membership fee will be necessary. If, for some reason, there was a gap in membership [Ex. A monthly payment was missed/skipped, or your membership ended more that 30 days prior to renewal, etc.] then the $40 membership fee would be required again and a new member number assigned.
9What happens to my membership if I move to another state?
Simply inform us of your move so we can update our records as your zip code is used for: contests, giveaways, & coach assignment. CAMWise is a nationwide membership, therefore, your actual current location does not change how you access your benefits.
10If I leave the company that purchased my membership as an employee benefit, can I keep the membership? If so, at what cost?
Your membership is yours so your benefits will not change. We will need an updated payment method to pick up where your employer left off and the $40 membership fee will be waived. Simply choose which membership option you want to continue with, and the method of payment (monthly or annual).
11Who is included in a "household"?
A household for us means anyone that you can legally claim on your income taxes.
12Can I use my member benefits while traveling or while in another country?
Our member benefits are always at your fingertips, as long as you have internet access and a smartphone, tablet or computer. Many of our benefits are useful regardless of location and though technology can be accessed anywhere in the world, some of our benefits do not pertain to countries other than the USA. For example, Healthcare Bluebook rates the medical facilities of the United States so therefore would not be of much use while in Canada or Europe.