Strategy sessions generally cover: college planning, tax-free retirement strategies, money concepts, coverage reviews, and more! A $250+ value; FREE to our members!

Membership Provides

CAMWise Redemption

Our Deluxe & Premier Members have access to an interactive program like no ther. It contains a daily message to set your mood, and over 500 videos with key-word searches like "anger", "lonliness", "grief', etc.; with a 28-day interactive program that focuses on maintining sobriety. This Virtual Recovery System gets into your career, your finances, and your relationships; all the reasons that people use to relapse, & all at the palm of your hand!


This program, usually only available through an employer, provides a unique blend of technology and service that puts our members in control of their healthcare through choice, transparency, connectivity, and cost savings never before seen in a single platform.

Best Doctors

Bringing together the best medical minds in the world to get you the right diagnosis and treatment, no matter where you live. Offering a variety of services focused on getting you the very best care available without the need to travel.

Healthcare Bluebook

Did You Know!? The cost for the same in-network procedure can vary by over 400%? Our members level the playing field with cost and quality transparency that makes shopping for healthcare services simple and straightforward.


ProMedical Plans

CAMWise waives the ProMed application fee for our members who sign-up with ProMed Blue Diamond through their CAM Coach! Licensed & insured CAM Coaches ensure our members get the most out of their plan, as it is a Pre-Paid Health Clinic; giving access to Primary Care Physicians, Specialists, Urgent Care, & more! All pre-existing conditions accepted and no commitment to contracts.